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Customer Reviews

From Malaysia

View: 423606/06/2018  

To: Janeylv

Dear. Mr.

As for your question, l'm realy satisfiedwith your tools, my work wouldnt be the same without them, and i can only thank you for thts, my quality is one of the best in my area of work.I'm here, just ask the price for your "One Flute End Mills", and the transportational issues that involve the material ettingto Portugal.

Soo my price should be based on the following tools (with the references previously bought):-12 units of 1F-QS*2075-589

-12 units of 1F- p8*25*75-589

-10 units of1F- Q2.5*$6*75-589

-6units of1F- $10*25*75-589

Looking to hear from you soon,

With the kindest regards,

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