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Carbide Inserts
Product Details

BFL CVD Coated Carbide Inserts CNMG120404-FW

Product Description


High stability, high abrasive resistance and high resistance of plastic deformation


1>Imported raw powder materials

2>Have a peculiar gradient cobalt-rich on surface of the substrates which can ensure the inserts’ high performance when finishing the CVD coating

3>The coating materials are MT-TiCN0-Al2O3 with thickness of 14μm, which have high abrasion resistance. After special management on the surface of the coating inserts, the internal stress and surface of coating were reduced while cutting resistance was also cut down

4>Suitable for cutting steel and alloy steel from finish machining, to semi-finish and rough machinig


CNMG120404-FW () (2).jpg

CNMG120404-FW ().jpg

Coating Grades Properties Overview


ISO Classification


Recommend for Application




CVD coated grade,stable conditions for steel finishing can obtain high metal removal rate.Excellent resistance to crater wear and plastic deformation resistance.Recommended for stable conditions.Wet and dry processing.





CVD coated carbide grade,wear-resistant materials coated on the gradient substrate which has both good hardness,toughness.Can bear high temperature.For steel and steel castings finishing to roughing processing,Continue cutting to light interrupt cutting.Machining of gray and ductile iron at low to medium cutting speed. For hard materials continuous cutting and light interrupted cutting from finishing to roughing.Wet and dry processing.





CVD coated carbide grade,Universal grade,suitable for steel and cast continuous cutting and interrupted cutting finishing to roughing. Grades with a wide range of application.Stainless steel continuous cutting and interrupted cutting.

Product Show


CNMG120404-FW (2)


Company Information

Changzhou North Carbide Tool Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacturing and processing of tools and mechanical components and parts. For over a decade, the Company has been embracing itself with a philosophy of “Customer Foremost” and the entrepreneurship of sincerity, honesty, pioneering and forging ahead. The Company aims to win the trust and praise of a large majority of customers as well as a vast market by virtue of its sophisticated technologies, premium qualities, reasonable prices, complete categories and exquisite packages, first-class services.

The Company has powerful technological strength, together with massive imported high-precision manufacturing, inspection and testing equipment. The Company gives priority to introduction of the advanced manufacturing and monitoring machines home and abroad, including but not limited to CNC cutter grinding machine tools from RPL-LOMTIC in Switzerland and WALTER in Germany, as well as cutter checking and inspection instruments from EOUER in Germany, all tremendously enhances the manufacturing capacity of the company, quality of products and competitiveness in market expansion.

The scope of manufacture of the Company extends from carbide drill bits, milling cutters, reamers, plug gauges, alloy cutters, carbide saws with coarse teeth, helical end mills, brazed shank tools, indexable tools, machining center tools, to tool handles, etc, with comprehensive applications in the mechanical processing, of automobiles, moulds, and plastics, and dedications to the provision of premium cutters for modern industries. The Company is fully recognized by massive customers with its proven qualities and excellent services.



1. Are you manufacturer? Do you have factory?

We are professional manufacturer,have more than 15 years experience in this field.

2. Is free shipping possible?

We don't offer free shipping service,but we will give you some discount if you buy large quantity products. And we have cooperation Express Companies,can offer you the best price of shipping cost.

3. Can you send products to our Forwarder in China?

Yes,if you have Forwarder in China,we will glad to send products to him/her.

4.Can you produce Special carbide Tools ?

Yes We can. From 2013 year. Our factory main market change from standard end mills to special tools. Special tools according to your drawing and sample.

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